We are Voluntary Social Group of Professionals and trained Young Social Workers. We people are in Action based on non- profit, non- political grass root development method with promoting and strengthening community through YOUTH and for them.

Development this regard inclusive of the community Organization process. It includes thePhenomena like Change, Movement and Growth as we feels to increase felt needs at a particular time and place. So people based approach about the objectives for the Development plans on the basis of the felt needs of the people.

The changing socio- economic situation in the society has always provided a challenge to the non-government voluntary sector, keeping in view these changes the society continued to carry out its responsibilities of strengthening voluntary action for social up upliftment and rural development during the year 1986-2008. With sincere efforts from its staff and support from a number of collaborating agencies NGO and local people of the society incited a variety of activities to its objectives & targets.

Brief History of the Organization

We have been working for people as rural tribes, slums, dwellers, socially and economically backward poor landless & agricultural laborer along with tribal women in tehsil Ladpura, Deegod, Pipalda, & Ramganjmandi of Kota Dist, since last twenty three years through YOUTH COMMUNITY ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT with a small batch of dedicated workers, we have done work mainly on social awareness building through legal education, health education & community development activities etc. for poor needy people, poor landless women & weaker section of the society. We have also organized to the poor peoples of the society.