The mentorship program is aimed solely to improve your performance by giving you valuable and necessary guidelines throughout your preparation for JEE. The whole structure of the concept is designed in such a way that you can extract maximum knowledge and tips from your respective mentor who is himself an IIT student.

Having proved themselves in the JEE arena and thus counted among the best minds in the country, your mentors have the expertise and competence to give the right guidance to you. They are presided over by an advisory board consisting only of the top 50 rank-holders with AIR 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13 of IIT-JEE at the helm of affairs.

We are and we will throughout your preparation strive that you get a feeling of closeness and trust from our side. You are special to us in the way that you trusted us, and we will always uphold that fact.

Mentorship at a Glance

Every mentoring session is designed in such a way that the knowledge transfer takes place from your mentor to you in exactly the fashion which you require. Your mentor is obliged to share his knowledge with you regarding every aspect of IIT-JEE preparation. It will be more or less based on the non academic aspects of the preparation like time management, stress management, panic eradication, planning a daily time table, importance of physical exercises, doubts regarding school going, end moment preparation, paper solving techniques, problem preference while giving the paper. These aspects are generally overlooked against the academic orientation which we receive in our coaching institutes. But as per the most of the feedback, these points really count a lot in your preparation. A small lead in these kind of aspects really makes a large difference in your final result.